It is imperative that anyone who owns or cares for horses have a basic understanding of the essentials in feeding and the nutritional needs of horses. It is import-ant to note that in a natural environment horses spend a great deal of their days grazing and foraging for food.

It is estimated that horses spend up to 18 hours a day in search of food. As a result the digestive tract of horses is uniquely designed to process small meals throughout the day. However, this fact appears to have little impact on the feeding of horses today. As you develop or evaluate the way you feed your horses you should consult a professional, qualified nutritionist to ensure that the nutrition you provide your horse with is correct and relevant to his breed, age, weight, level of work and discipline.

  • Our Equine Nutritionist, Lizzie Drury, has vast experience in her field and has consulted for Olympic Riders and their horses.
  • She has a Bachelors Honours Degree in Animal Science gained at Reading University and a Masters Degree in Equine Science gained at Writtle University.
  • She is also a Registered Nutritionist with the Association of Nutrition, Registration Number 584.

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