The ECB aqua treadmill is an effective and modern system providing the user with the latest technology and performance analysis. Individual results in training and rehabilitation of each horse can therefore be reached. High quality materials and numerous safety features allow for saltwater or dry use. Advanced fitness can be reached with effective uphill training, provided by the belt incline. With the unique self-cleaning filtration system and the use of nappies, water can be used for over one month instead of weekly or daily water changes. Easy access ports beneath the treadmill allow for cleaning of sediment and dirt under the belt.

Training on the water treadmill has been proven to enhance endurance and power. Water depth, belt incline and belt speed are used to provide a controlled environment for the rehabilitation of spinal conditions or injuries of the extremities. The development of specific muscle groups can be expedited and buoyancy lowers the high pressure acting on the skeleton and tendons. Also, movement against the pressure of water motivates the horse to increase their natural movement pattern. This leads to more use of back and rear part muscles creating a stronger top line, more balance and coordination.

The ECB Aqua Treadmill is an indispensable supplement for the training and rehabilitation of horses. A relaxed, straight walk is the most effective gait to be used for aqua training, with benefits for all kinds of equestrianism.


  • user friendly, fully programmable touch operation panel
  • software: – up to 100 storable programs possible (tailor-made programs, follow-up and monitoring by the trainer)- self-cleaning programs, remote diagnostics, video manuals and guides- status of water level, running speed, belt incline and training time are displayed and can be adjusted simultaneously
  • incline option of 0-12% for uphill work, controllable in single increments
  • water level: adjustable to 120 cm (approx 3.9 feet)
  • double filtration (scudding UV) providing over four weeks of clean water
  • nappies included
  • made of marine grade stainless steel making it totally compatible with salt water
  • large safety glass windows on all sides to analyse stride and gait
  • usable as a dry treadmill
  • optional refrigeration package
  • Status of water level, belt speed, incline, heart rate and training time is displayed and adjustable simultaneously. Individual program for every horse. Effective uphill training. Water level up to 1.2m (3.9 feet). Optional use as a dry treadmill. Allows for salt water use.
  • The use of an incline has been proven to not only increase the muscle growth by over 25% but to also help the horse to soften its neck, drop its head and work in a better outline.
  • The heart rate is increased which is the ultimate goal for cardio/fitness work. Without an incline there is little change in heart rate.
  • The ECB incline can be used from 0 – 12% either with water or as dry.
  • The ECB treadmill has three glass panels on each side and full glass doors giving a full view of the horse – ideal for gait and stride analysis.
  • When the horse works in a treadmill, with solid panels (such as steel) head and neck extension has been reported by operators, meaning the horses outline is unable to work in a correct anatomical fashion. Therefore, with full surround visibility of the ECB treadmill, the horse is able to drop its head whilst working.
  • All materials, including marine grade stainless steel and high quality electronics, used in the ECB aqua treadmill, are proven to meet the highest standards of ergonomic and safety design. The aqua treadmill has safety glass windows on both sides and doors.
  • The ECB aqua treadmill is easy to clean with cleaning ports on both sides of the treadmill. This allows for easy access to the area below the belt. The belt can also be raised. The self clean programming allows for a timed drain down of the machine to the water tanks. It will then run through the filter for the set period of time.
  • The ECB aqua treadmill has safety glass windows on both sides and doors to monitor the movement of the horse and to make the entry and exit easy for the horse and operator. Stride and gait analysis is only truly possible with full vision of the horse. A light beam sensor points over the chamber and if the horse slips out of the beam the belt stops immediately. Flexible chest and rear bar’s with easy open latch and easy emergency handles. There are two emergency stop buttons – one to stop the belt immediately and drain down if the horse is in trouble and the second to shut down the entire machine – this is a basic health and safety requirement to protect the operator.
  • Programming is made easy with the touchscreen application. Up to 100 storable programs are possible. Status of water level, running speed, belt incline and training time is displayed and adjustable simultaneously. Individual programs can be created and saved for every horse.
  • The software has a diagnostic programme which will alert the user and ECB of any issues. Self cleaning programmes give the user the option to time the cleaning process any time of the day/night, helping to reduce electricity costs.
  • Compatible with smartphones
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  • The ECB water treadmill uses the latest technology in filtration allowing for up to 6 weeks successful use before the need to change the water. Avoiding weekly water changes dramatically reduces the running costs.


ECB EQUINE SPA is headquartered in both the UK and the USA and currently has over 400 units in operation across the world. With health and safety as our top priority, ECB has been refining its superior products for both the equine and human athlete since the inception of the company in 1998. ECB carries worldwide general liability insurance coverage on every product we sell for additional peace of mind.

Cold Salt Hydrotherapy is used to treat and prevent a multitude of injuries in 35°F / 2°C saltwater.  The spa has successfully addressed virtually all lower leg injuries.  Treatment temperature alone induces a massive rush of blood and circulation which otherwise would not be present. This drug free therapy can be used for injury prevention and also to increase mobility and reduce swelling in the limbs before and after competitive events and training.

The ECB Equine Spais a self-contained unit holding 530 gal / 2000 liters of saltwater that can be used for up to 3,000 treatments. Some ECB clients treat over 20 horses daily.  Rehabilitation facilities can also expect additional revenue relating to an increase in stable income.

Evan Hunt, DVM is considered the world’s leading expert on cold salt hydrotherapy.  ECB is greatly honored to have an exclusive association with Professor Hunt.  With the purchase of an ECB spa, Professor Hunt is available for consultation and advice, free of charge, to ECB clientele.

Our Premier Fiberglass model is built to last and will retain it’s beautiful, clean appearance for many years to come (much like a fiberglass boat). The built-in water tank gives it a compact footprint. Some additional features include:

  • R.P. Fiberglass
  • Clear Perspex Doors
  • Half Door for introducing new horses
  • Quick Release Handle for immediate exit
  • Connective Hose for spot treating areas above the hocks
  • Insulated, Built-in Water Holding Tank
  • Hot Water Option Available
  • Five Year Fiberglass Warranty
  • One Year Full Parts and Labour Warranty
  • All of our Spas include a state-of-the-art chiller unit, manure collection harnesses, starting supply of salts and chemicals, delivery, installation, full training and continued back up from Professor Hunt and ECB.
  • Professor Evan Hunt did the initial research into the development of cold salt hydrotherapy. His work has been accredited by worldwide professionals and today he works alongside ECB in the constant development of the ECB Spa. He also provides backup for clients of ECB by using his expertise and knowledge to aid in injury diagnosis and treatment. After years of working within rehabilitation with various units on the market, Evan will only provide his support and backup to the ECB spa.
  • Upon purchase of the spa, your ECB representative will forward a complete treatment regime manual (formulated by Professor Hunt) describing the types of injuries and the treatment parameters to address them. Please keep in mind that you can also email or speak with Professor Hunt personally. He will not give professional advise to anyone owning any other spa brand.
  • “Tendon injuries unfortunately come with performance horses, be it racing, eventing, showjumping or polo. These have traditionally taken a long time to respond and in the first cases of Spa use I saw, I couldn’t believe the rate of recovery with results I hadn’t previously achieved throughout my 35 years of veterinary experience. Trainers who have used the Spa on a regular basis have quickly established that there is a major cost benefit in terms of keeping horses competing right through their training period.”  — Professor Evan Hunt BVSc MVSc PhD GDip ed Tert MRCVS – University of Sydney Orange, Australia
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The GG high speed horse treadmill provides the ultimate training experience, operating at speeds of up to 42km/h and 6 degrees of incline. Our design team has been tirelessly refining the GG Treadmill™ for over 15 years to bring you the most robust, dependable and quietest high-speed treadmill on the market. Our proprietary cushioned bed design offers a low impact and comparatively quiet gallop. Our equine treadmill for sale also has over ten year’s field experience in the harshest training environments.

When operating the treadmill, the control panel offers valuable information so that you can accurately track the workout of your equine athlete. The control terminal shows speed, incline, duration, distance travelled, as well as a stopwatch to time various parts of the workout.

The GG Treadmill™ high speed horse treadmill comes with the backing of local support and a 1 year warranty that covers everything on the machine. We deliver and commission the machine (you will only need to provide power, a concrete base and unloading equipment).

Our Premier Fiberglass model is built to last and will retain it’s beautiful, clean appearance for many years to come (much like a fiberglass boat). The built-in water tank gives it a compact footprint. Some additional features include:


  • Gate mounted fans
  • Integrated roof
  • User usage logging software


  • 32 Amp 3 phase power
  • 50 Amp 2 phase power

Our noise assessment produced the following results (measurements taken standing on the platform next to the horse in a tin shed):

  • Walk 69-73dB
  • Trot 80-88dB
  • Canter 81-96dB
  • Gallop 92-98dB
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Multiradiance Laser

Powerful, safe, and easy-to-use, the ACTIVet PRO Equine Combo provides the ultimate convenience and improved healing outcomes by solving treatment inconsistency for rehabilitation.

With 50 W of Super Pulsed Laser power, 300% more total power than its predecessor, and 900% more blue light, the ACTIVet PRO provides more power and faster treatment times without raising skin temperature, making it the safest high powered laser on the market.

Both lasers feature blue LED light to accelerate wound repair and reduce bacteria in wounds, providing your clients’ horses with a safe, fast and drug-free recovery.

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Magnawave for Horses
MagnaWave is used in nearly every competitive equestrian discipline for equine performance enhancement, health maintenance, and healing. MagnaWave has beneficial effects in alleviating equine tendon and ligament injuries, sore backs, sore stifles, chronic hock soreness, sore shoulders, non-union fractures, laminitis, founder, stone bruises, and non-healing wounds. Working on a cellular level, MagnaWave encourages the body to heal itself. Owners and trainers can generally see and feel an improvement in the way the horse moves after several MagnaWave sessions. MagnaWave for horses is a safe and effective, drug free alternative to keep your horse in optimal health.

How Does MagnaWave Work on Horses?
High powered MagnaWave devices for horses generate results at an accelerated rate and can be easily adjusted for optimal level of penetration. Using MagnaWave sends a pulsating charge through tissues to treat large focal areas like joints and major muscle groups. Penetration of the charge can be up to 16 to 18 inches into the equine body. Twitching muscles help to identify imbalances, pain or sore muscles that need to be further worked on with MagnaWave. By pinpointing the problem, the practitioner is able to work at the source of pain rather than just manage its symptoms. The MagnaWave Zoom Hoof box is an excellent way to help hoof issues. MagnaWave for horses is safe to use and require no sedation.

MagnaWave for Horses Helps:

  • Tendon and Ligament Injuries
  • Sore Backs
  • Sore Stifles
  • Chronic Hock Soreness
  • Sore Shoulders
  • Non-Union Fractures
  • Gastric Ulcers
  • EPM
  • Colic
  • Laminitis
  • Stone Bruises
  • Non-Healing Wounds
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TheraPlate is the Official Therapy Plate of the U.S. Equestrian, and for good reason.

The patented TheraPlate is proven to counter the effects of chronic inflammation conditions, speed healing, reduce pain, and aid in the prevention of injury. The TheraPlate is easy to use, proven effective, portable and very affordable. Introducing horses to the TheraPlate is so simple. Horses quickly express that they are enjoying the relaxing and beneficial daily sessions on the TheraPlate.

The TheraPlate is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum, making it lightweight and sturdy. The standard size TheraPlate comes in two parts, each of which weighs 80 pounds, so it’s easy to bring to competitions.
TheraPlate has helped horses from almost every discipline stay sound and conditioned. Testimonials come from veterinarians and trainers of dressage, reining, jumpers, hunters, barrel racers, cutters, eventers, racehorses, driving horses, saddleseat horses and more. From US team riders to owners helping to maintain their senior horses comfortably, TheraPlate is the common denominator for promoting and maintaining soundness.

The Official Therapy plate of the U.S. Equestrian can be the official therapy plate of your own horses, giving your horses the advantage of increased circulation and reduced inflammation for maintenance, conditioning, healing and overall soundness.

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Sport Innovations Pro Series 3 in 1

Massage, Magnetic (PEMF) & Heat in one Therapy BLANKET.

The “PROSERIES 3IN1” horse magnetic therapy, massage and heat blanket can be used to reduce muscle tension and to increase circulation in the horse’s body.

Let the blanket do the work for you! Simply apply the 3 in 1 blanket to your horse, before or after a workout and your horse will reap all of the therapeutic benefits of three therapies while he stands in his stall. This therapeutic PEMF, massage and heat therapy blanket helps keep your horse limber, fit and ready to perform at his best.

KEY Features
  • Made in Germany.
  • 3 therapies in one blanket
  • battery operated
  • portable
  • rechargeable
AREAS of application
  • recovery management
  • pain management
  • muscle fatigue
  • muscular issues
  • injury treatment
  • chronic diseases
  • cold back
  • kissing spine
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