Our indoor Sea walker provides a hydrotherapy fitness system which targets specific muscle groups, provides the ideal exercising environment both for horses in training as well as those recuperating from injury and mares carrying foals.

  • The sea walker offers variety for you and your horses training regime
  • It develops muscles and your horses core strength without rider interference
  • We have complete control of speed and depth of water
  • We have a filtration and purification system which keeps the salt water clean and fresh, without the addition of harmful chlorine
  • Cardio vascular and muscular workout which recruits new muscle groups
  • Improves stamina, general fitness and muscle tone
  • Builds back muscles and encourages self-carriage
  • Promotes improved blood circulation within the legs
  • Works abdominal musculature and strengthens top line
  • Increases range of movement and stride length
  • Develops core stability

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